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It is a sketch drawing of a milk bottle and a chocolate chip cookie


To delight our customers by creating, baking and sourcing the best desserts and baked goods using high quality ingredients in an environment of respect to our people and processes and with a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.


It is our goal to combine high quality ingredients to create premium desserts and baked goods. What we don't make, we source from around the world keeping our products as real and authentic as possible. We are constantly looking for the best so our customers have a creative and unique array of products to choose from. Decadent desserts and baked goods are a source of happiness, and if you can comfort your soul with desserts made from clean, high quality ingredients, even better! 


We are continuously striving to improve efficiencies, by incorporating sophisticated technology, of course without letting go of our traditional artisanal approach. We understand the importance of striking the right balance between art and science to be able to offer high quality products at competitive prices. Of course, needless to say we focus on achieving these goals without compromising on sanitation and hygiene.


People are what make a business! We certainly believe that! What better reason to come together, than for delicious, decadent, soul comforting food! And that's exactly what we did for the love of food. We are a team of highly dedicated, like-minded, yet diverse individuals passionate about our craft, seasoned with experience and here to ensure you have an enhanced, unforgettable and delightful "dessert" experience!
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