Manish Wadia - Founder & CEO

With a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration, Manish has worked internationally at various establishments such as The Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay, The New York Marriott Marquis, the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo and at the restaurant La Tour D'Argent in Tokyo after which he joined the Hospitality consulting practice at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Manish Wadia created Oven Arts, a company dedicated to providing the best desserts the world has to offer to discerning customers.

Betty Osmanoglu - Vice President, General Management

Betty has had diverse experience prior to joining Oven Arts specializing in Accounting and Customer Service.  As a founding member of Oven Arts, she oversees general management and customer service.

Meghna Kashyap - Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

Over the years Meghna has worked with international companies from banking to retail, creating customer engagement, marketing and brand awareness strategies for them.  In addition, she has gained years of experience in Marketing & Key Account Management.  With her passion for branding and as a founding member of Oven Arts, she creates innovative sales, marketing and branding partnerships for the company and its customers.

Ram K. Paudel - Senior Manager, Accounting & Purchasing

Ram worked in several positions as a Financial Analyst before joining Oven Arts during its formation.  He oversees the Purchasing & Accounting department at Oven Arts ensuring that we get the highest quality ingredients and ensuring the effectiveness of our Kosher and QA programs.


Eulenia Olaivar - Senior Manager, Quality Compliance

Eulenia has over 22 years of experience working in the Bakery industry in both the Philippines and the US. Her experience includes working as a Business Manager in charge of setting up Satellite Commissaries, Production Planning and Control and Plant Operations Manager. Here, at Oven Arts, Eulenia controls daily operations and quality compliance procedures.


Harry Cortes - Manager, Production

With years of experience working and supervising production at other bakeries, Harry has joined us here at Oven Arts managing the Production team helping us continue to provide you with high quality products while maintaining high levels of sanitation and hygiene.


Alfredo Juarez - Manager, Order Processing

Alfredo has supervised the Packing and Order Processing teams at other bakeries, for several years. At Oven Arts, he continues to coordinate efforts and supervise the Packing department ensuring all orders are packed, processed and delivered on time.


Kapila Devkota - Consultant, Quality Assurance & Food Safety

Kapila Devkota holds a Master’s degree in Food Science from University of Alberta, Canada. She has earned the designation of “Certified Food Scientist” from the International Food Science Commission. She is a SQF practitioner as well as Preventive Control Qualified Individual (PCQI). She has Quality Management experience of over 26 years with various food products in the USA. She furthers her formal education by attending various seminars and conferences on Food Safety and Quality and is a member of Institute of Food Technology.



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